Submission Rules and Guidelines

1. All submissions must be collaborative, meaning 2 or more persons per submission. There is no limit on the amount of folks involved in a project and all parties do not necessarily need to be present during the festival, but we will need their information in order to credit them.

2. All work submitted must be new. Not Enough! is intended to be a challenge for people to create new work with the intention of showcasing at the festival. For a more detailed explanation click here.

3. We are limiting time based performances to about 25 minutes maximum. This is in order for us to allow everyone to be able to showcase.

4. This is a festival for folks who identify somewhere within or around the LGBTQ umbrella. While we will not be asking anyone how they identify, please be respectful of our intention of showcasing LGBTQ artists. Allies are welcome to volunteer and are encouraged to attend the festival!   

5. We are unable to accommodate individual schedules so please plan on being present for the festival timeframe. The official schedule should be available a week or so after the submission deadline.

6. Because this festival is completely DIY, we are working with a fairly limited budget. We can offer space, electricity, help with setting up and we will have projectors for films and for use during performances, but will not be able to provide much more. Contact us if you have a special need and we can see what we can work out, or if we can help you find what you are looking for.  

Feel free to review the FAQs, or email us at

All Submission forms can be found here.

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