Not Enough! A Queer/LGBTQIXYZ Art-Music-Performance Festival

This is a call-out to Portland’s communities. We want to encourage people in the diverse queer and LGBTQIXYZ communities of Portland to collaborate and create NEW projects for a process-based experimental music-art-performance festival occurring October 19th and 20th, 2013.

Not Enough! is a festival that has come out of the desire to create safe, loving, and inclusive spaces for queers to perform in, while at the same time strengthening communication, bonding, and cohesion of those who perform in the festival. It has come out of the desire to have queers and those at the periphery create their own fun spaces to experiment, collaborate, and learn from. We want to meet you! We want to have fun!

We ask of you:
● Create something BRAND NEW (make something for this festival)
● Categorize your work as either MUSIC ART OR PERFORMANCE/ETC
● Collaborate (meet a new friend, take up that old offer from that acquaintance)
● Experiment (we want new forms of music/art/performance to arise)
● Create something that has a maximum length of 25 minutes

Let us know what you want to do:
Send us a brief statement about your project(s):
Music: punkstartmyheart@gmail.com
Art: sergio_torres67@yahoo.com
Peformance/Etc: feds01@gmail.com