Frequently Asked Questions


What is Not Enough?

Not Enough! is an annual collaborative-based art/music/film/performance festival that showcases, encourages and supports new work by queer folks regardless of experience and/or “skill” level.

Is the event all ages?

Yes! All ages have attended and we’ve had submissions from youth to elders.

Where is Not Enough! festival going to be held?

Where finalizing the 2014 location and are looking at holding the festival the first weekend in September.

Who are the organizers of Not Enough?

A group of queers who stepped forward with interest to facilitate new & collaborative projects for this year’s festival!

Why the name Not Enough? there are plenty of gay bands and artists!

While, we recognize that there are many wonderful GLBTQXYZ musicians and artists, we believe there is still Not Enough! We feel very strongly that it is important to be cultural creators, not just consumers of a gay mainstream culture that does not always reflect all of our diverse interests or experiences. It is for this reason that we decided to create our own space, our own challenge and construct our own reality for a weekend with the hopes that the support and community building aspect of this project will continue inspire all year long.

Why NEW projects? Can my existing band play Not Enough instead?

We really want to challenge queer folks to try new things and to intentionally level the playing field. We want to open opportunities for those who may be new to playing music in front of people, or to someone who has never shown anyone their drawings/photos/ ideas or any other personal projects. In addition, having a challenge with a deadline can be really motivating  and  Not Enough! is a rare opportunity to be a part of something that can often be really intimidating or seem out of reach for those with less experience. For those who are already established in art/music/film/performance it can be a great time to break out of normal work and try something new and experiment.

Why Collaborative projects? Can i just play as a solo artist?

Another crucial aspect of our mission is to bring queer people together and what better way than to make them work together! Collaborating can be challenging in beautiful, sometimes frustrating ways, but can result in lasting friendships! In doing this project, we’ve met so many rad individuals and look forward to meeting many more! This whole festival is built on collaboration!

How can I submit?
You can submit by filling out one of our handy submission forms here

What are the rules?
Official Rules are posted Here

Do I have to be queer to submit?

This is a festival designed to encourage folks who identify somewhere within or around the LGBTQIA umbrella. While we will not be asking anyone how they identify, please be respectful of our intention of showcasing LGBTQIA artists. Allies are welcome to volunteer and are encouraged to attend the festival!   

What kind of projects to you accept?

We are accepting music, film, performance, and visual art projects, or really any combination of these things and more.

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