Not Enough! Film, Music and Art Festival 2014!

We’ve got four main sections of the evening: art, film, music/performance and topping it off: DJ Wienerslav will be spinning punk, indie and queercore. Below is a detailed breakdown of what’s happening tonight. Our MCs for the evening will be Sally Mulligan and Caitlin Weierhauser!


Open Gallery w/ Free Food Provided by Falafel House: 6-7:00 pm
Zine Reading: The Conception of Gender
Jersey Deutsch, Alex Henriquez and Alfie Padilla

On site Portraits from 6 til LATE:
Art Live - Portraits in real time by: 
Misty Fall and Ebin Lee
(Take the time to have your portrait drawn by this amazing duo throughout the night!)

Visual Art and Installations:
Cody Hooper-Kaufman and D Woolsey

Fried Eggs
Dani Fish, Amber Rowland and Katie Carter

Natalie Erickson and Leif Lee

Declaration Daddies
Bracket McCray and Sandra Gibbons

Auspiciously Gay Graff
Raubie Palacio and Kiki Shepard

Heart of Venus
Kirk Rea and Nathan Dorsett

Short Films by Local and Coastal Queers: 7-7:35 pm
Films by:
Anna Swanson and Gwendolyn Neumeister 
“Minneapolis May be For Lovers” 10 minutes

Christina Carlsson and Honey Tavassoli
“Daughters” 3-4 minutes
“Spread” 3-4 minutes

Malic Amalya
“I Think You Deserve Both; I Think You Deserve Everything” 2 minutes
“To Type Out Your Name” 5 minutes

Blurring the Lines:
Kat Enyeart and Friends
“Pick up Lines,” a light-hearted music video. 3 minutes.

Annah Anti-Palindrome and Malic Amalya 
A music and film collaboration, soft and effecting. 7:40-7:55 pm
Woven Knots: 
November’s Daughter 
Keep Going

Band Projects and Comedy Performances: 8-11:00pm

Set 1: I’ll never have to see the day again. (8-9:00 pm)
Soup Purse and Lesser Siren 
An ambient wall of sound, looped and refracted harp with synth punctuation. 8:00-8:10 pm

Man Repellent
A stoner, post-metal duo. 8:15-8:25 pm

Bog Witch
A doomy, sludgy noise rock duo. 8:30-8:45 pm

Comedy Interlude 1: 
A comedy collaboration by Andie Main and Rebecca Waits 8:50-9:00 pm

Set 2: I wanna riot of my own. (9-10:00 pm)
In The Library
A post-punk project. 9:05-9:20 pm

Salty and the Sweets
10 day old Queercore!. 9:25-9:35 pm

Space Goat
A good old fashioned punk rock band. 9:40-9:50 pm

Comedy Interlude 2: 
Jes & Laura
Laura Anne Whitley and Jes Rega offer up comedy lez style. 9:55-10:05 pm

Set 3: Every jam we play, we break two needles. (10-11:00pm)
Trigger Warning 
An abrasive, post-industrial soundscape.10:10-10:25pm

Mathew De La Torre and Blooms
A 90’s R & B influenced project with a touch of Queen. 10:30-10:40 pm

Taint the Faint 
An 80’s hip-hop mix tape with experimental, genre busting elements. 10:45-11:00pm

DJ Wienerslav Spinning Punk, Indie, and Queercore: 11-12pm

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Event tonight!

Are you up to the challenge of creating something BRAND NEW? Art and music NEVER BEFORE SEEN? Not Enough Fest is happening again this September and we’re amped to get y’all involved! 

Not Enough Fest is a showcase of all the amazing energy we as queers can bring to creative projects. Since there are not enough of us in mainstream art and music scenes - let’s make our own! 

The goal of this event is to create space for queer people to express themselves and to create community by bringing together artists, musicians and film makers to offer up their magic in front of a supportive audience. 

We ask of you, old timers and pros alike:
● Create something BRAND NEW (to be showcased for the FIRST TIME at the festival)
● Collaborate (meet a new friend, take up that old offer from that acquaintance - all work must be by two or more people)
● Experiment (we want new forms of music/art/performance to arise)
● Create something that has a maximum length of 25 minutes

This NIGHT OF 1000 POSSIBILITIES will help you meet new folks, find collaborators/co-conspirators/rabble rousers/weirdos to make cool shit with you! We’ll have (unromantic!) speed dating to help get you past the awkward I-don’t-know-what-to-do blues! 

This event is being held at the Billy Web Elk’s Lodge in North Portland - the nation’s only black-owned Elk’s Lodge. Join us in supporting a cool POC-owned local business. Event is free, accessible and all ages - but food and alcohol with be for sale on site! (They also ask that people not wear HATS or BAGGY PANTS below yr butts to the space). 

For questions, concerns, and to get involved contact:
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Official Not Enough! 2013 schedule

Hey guys, it’s finally here! We are so excited for all the cool projects this year! And it’s October! This year are so pleased to be holding the festival at SMYRC, and that most of the proceeds will go directly to youth at SMYRC

♥ Saturday October 19th ♥

This years festival will be hosted by Melody Awesomazing and Sister Brittaney Taylor!

4:30 p.m. Film Program   

                  Detours and Fences
                  by Malic Amalya, Max Garnet, and Rachel Zingoni  

                  By Christina Carlsson, Honey Tavassoli, Jenny Lougheed,
                  Erin Siodmak and Heather Burt

                  Buffalo: a music video for Professor Professor
                  By Hayden Hall and Jacob Summers

                 Am I In the Right Place
                  By Liz Moyer and guests

  • 6:00 Open Gallery and Potluck!
    Bring a dish to share and take a look at the visual art!  As always we’re open to EVERYTHING that’s YOU, but here are some ideas: salads, cookies, spaghetti, chocolate, fruit, veggies, dips, chips, salad rolls, pizza, casseroles, pickled/fermented veggies, sushi, pad thai w/ tofu, pies, soup, ice cream, stir fries, etc etc! *Bring labels w/ allergy, ingredient info if possible! (e.g. vegan, gluten-free, soy, dairy-free, paleo). 
  • Special  Interactive and Collaborative Performance Queer Vision by Timothy Gage 
  • 7:00 p.m. Bellas Emotiones
  • 7:20 p.m. Butt <3ed part 1
  • 7:30 p.m. Flox
  • 8:00 p.m. Reverend Mrs.
  • 8:30 p.m. Butt <3ed part 2
  • 8:40 p.m. Leviticus Rex
  • 9:10 p.m. Butt <3ed part 3
  • 9:20 p.m Fistful of Fingers
  • 9:45 p.m. Closing Ritual and Piñata

Visual Art

  • 'Bruising of the Saints' by Natalie Erickson
  • 'Natural Paint Creation Station' by Kirk Rea and Auguste Mann
  • 'Untitled' by Brittaney Taylor and Seth Bracken
  • 'Portrait Place' by Misty Fall, Cha Cha Garcia and Koyote Zerzan
  • 'I Don't Want to See or Be Seen by Straight People' by Maddy  Court
  • 'Male Nudes' by Hector Hernandez and Latino Art Now
  • 'Queer Speech Impediment Project' by Joseph Bonell, Maddy  Court, Sandra Gibbons and Allen Hines
  • 'You Don't Know Me' by Erin Holcomb, Brit Holcomb and Sarah         Ludwig
  • 'Cacophonies' by Katey Pants and Nick Mattos
  • '671 Miles/ 221 Hours' by Edgar Frias and Thaddeus Pedisich 

Bonus Plus: The amazing, new to town and queer fabulous Christina Carlsson will be doing on site sliding scale hair trims/cuts $5-10 from 6-8pm. Photo Booth by Bloodhound Photography! And Sliding scale/donation Juice Bar with fresh delicious juices from roughly 3-7pm! 

The festival will take place at Smyrc located at:

2450 NE Sandy Blvd, Suite 100
Portland, OR 97232

The cost is sliding scale $5-5000 with no one turned away for inability to pay. Folks under 18 get in free! Proceeds go directly to the festival and to SMYRC!

*The entrance and the bathrooms are wheelchair accessible, if you need further information please feel free to email *

SMYRC is an anti-oppressive/safer and sober space so please keep that in mind and respect the space!

☆☾WITCH THEMED AFTERPARTY AT SLOAN’S☽☆! After the festivities, for those who are over 21 there will be a Witchin after party with food specials and DJs! DJ Bruce LaBruiser, Rocket Queen and Weinerslav!

                   Sloans is located at 36 N Russell St, Portland, OR 97227

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Volunteer Orientation!

Hey wonderful people! The Not Enough Festival is less than two weeks away!

This Sunday (10/13) we are holding a volunteer orientation at 2 pm in NE Portland to plug people into helping before, during, and after the festival. Email Kirk at for location address or for info if you cannot attend. Lunch will be provided!

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Need Volunteers this Sunday!

This Sunday we are making t-shirts for this year’s festivals and could use some spare hands! We are working from 2 pm to 5:30 pm in North Portland. Email Kirk at for location details or other questions. 

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We are incredibly excited to announce that Not Enough IV will take place at SMYRC this year! We are counting down the days until we get to witness the birth of new, collaborative queer art and music. Get your submissions in now, y’all!

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HEY GAYS! We haven’t posted in awhile, but we have been busy planning and scheming for this year’s queer magic! We’ve got some fun stuff coming up that we’ll be posting about soon so keep your banana’s peeled!

First though, we have to acknowledge that the best thing EVER happened. There was a Not Enough! festival in New Orleans! In case you don’t know, No More Fiction put it on  last friday April 26th. No More Fiction shows are a group of folks in New Orleans who strive to ”create woman-positive and queer-positive spaces in New Orleans for local DIY bands and for bands on tour.” which is amazing anyway and we were so stoked that they decided to do their own version of Not Enough! There were a bunch of new bands that formed and the photos looks awesome, you should be able to find them here. 

Another thing that happened was we had a Not Enough! “reunion” show at Red and Black! We had Thank You Holy Spirit, Cockeye, Fucking Lesbian Bitches and Voices all play. The show was incredibly well attended, and had the best “vibes” according to the word on the street. Speaking of Not Enough! bands, a whole lot of them are playing a cool event at Slabtown on Pride weekend with The Need! You can RSVP here.

And we were incredibly lucky to do some tabling at Seattle’s 'Mo-Wave festival recently! We got the chance to rub elbows with some queers in Seattle as well as talk about our project. Thanks so much to 'Mo-Wave for making such a rad party and to everyone we met while there!

Stay Tuned for more important messages!

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Official Schedule 2012

 We just know this is going to be so cool.    

Not Enough! is taking place September 7th and September 8th at Refuge Pdx which is located at 116 SE Yamhill here is a google map

Admission each day is $7-10 sliding scale and free for folks 18 and under! & There is an ATM onsite!
*no one turned away for lack of funds


**Friday Night Potluck! Bring a dish to share from 5:00-7:00!! 

  • 5:00 p.m. Unicorn Nonymous, a discussion about self-care, health, addiction and alternative visions of connecting in a queer community facilitated by Erin Leckenby and Edgar Frías
  • 6:45 p.m. Lucid Lion
  • 7:10 p.m. Open gallery and Interactive Installation 
  • 7:35 p.m. Music Videos!

               Professor Possessor: Valley Girl
               Sad Horse: Mountain Lion
               Professor Possessor: Baby, it’s Magic
               Broken Water: Chantal Seder

*Times may vary


Photo Booth by Deya Card! Saturday Only!

  • 4:30p.m. FILM PROGRAM 

                    Gold Moon, Sharp Arrow 
                    by Malic Amalya, Max Garnet, Annie Terell & Basil Shadid

                   Unicorns and Sparkling Rainbows
                    by Smitty Buckler and Callie Reynolds

                    Do Something Wicked This Way Comes
                    by Christina Carlsson, Honey T and Erin Siodmak

                    by Anthony Hudson and Carla Rossi

                    Riot Ghoul
                    by Gentry McShane, Jessa Golden, Kim Trailz, Marissa Magic and Ted Trees

*Times may vary

Accessibility info: The entrance consists of the front door that is 32.5 inches wide. There are two ways to get to it, there is a ramp on the left and a small set of stairs on the right. Once you come in, the floors between each room have a small incline, or decline of about an inch and a half. Once inside, each doorway is 35 inches wide. There are two single stall, gender neutral restrooms, the one on the left has a bar.  if you have concerns or questions! ♥


Jungle Juice Drink Specials!
Animal Style Food Specials!

Sloan’s Tavern is at 36 North Russell St.

LIST OF VISUAL ARTISTS: Brieanna Girodano, Lucy Morningstar, Caitlin Sweet, Freddie Fagula, Marlena Chavez, Lauren Johnson, Amy Keo, Ada Fischer, Michael Harper, Ryan Thomas, Kirk Rea, Arleen Faulk, Misty Fall, Koyote Zerzan, Jamie Montoya, Andrea Johnson, Jessika Fancy, Erin Rosett, Erin Holcomb, Britt Holcomb, David Lahna, Joseph Bonell, Liam Thomas Houston & The Decorating Committee 

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This is it!

Submissions are due tonight at midnight! Get those last minute projects in by going here. We’ll be getting the schedule together over the next couple of days, in addition to more venue information including accessibility and parking. Anyone still interested in tabling or doing other cool stuff at the fest get in touch soon at oh! and before we forget, check out the cool afterparty 

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